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The era of exploding phones

Samsung is a company that has been very well recognized worldwide. The company manufactures smartphones which are, obviously one of best in the era of smartphones. Samsung as it has it’s fame; had it’s bit of de-famity as well. Not everything that this tech giant does goes according to the plan. The exploding phones became a terror in the hands of so many, and even for the name of Samsung. Samsung never expected their products to go off like these, but hey as I said; not all things go as planned. No one still knows what was the actual reason behind the Galaxy Note 7 exploding all of a sudden wherever possible.


But we do know that it had happened all right. We got so many reports on social media as well on the page of Samsung; saying how the exploding phones have been causing hindrance. Recently a post came where we got to know that Samsung is not the only manufacturer of exploding phones; Apple have joined them too. Yes, in a recent post in 9gag we can see how an iPjone 7 plus exploded as well. But keeping all these things aside, let us now see what Samsung has done to correct their mistakes.

What has Samsung done?

In a recent post, we saw Samsung telling all their customers that Galaxy Note 7 users will keep getting notifications until they come to their store and get their phones changed. Personally I think it is a very safe and great thing to do. People are too lazy nowadays to even go and get their phones changes, even when they know it can explode any time. But a constant ping on the phone you keep using is quite irritating, and Samsung has hence managed to acquire most of the exploding phones.


Samsung today has reviled that more than one million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have been replaced with a safer version where the phones do not explode. In case the people have bought the phones that were sold initially in China, the phone does not require a replacement as they are safe. Samsung has fulfilled it’s promise by replacing most of the exploding Note 7s.  The news came after last month we got to know that more than 2.5 million Note 7’s are exploding without any reasons whatsoever.

But the problem

However even after Samsung has changed most of the exploding phones, a new problem has arisen in the replaced Note 7s. The consumers are reporting that the phone is over heating at a very fast rate and loosing battery at an enormous rate as well. Samsung has not told anything on this right now. For the moment we know Samsung is only focusing on replacing the faulty batteries which explode.


Samsung has played a very crucial role in this era of smartphones; and they will surely live up to their words. Currently the Note 7s have been swapped overseas, and in case you are having problems of over heating after the replacement, best is to wait or sometime and then contact Samsung.



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