#OffendEveryoneIn4Words Is the Newest Trend of Twitter

The internet is becoming more and more intolerant in the recent times. All it takes is a single tweet to offend people. It is like a minefield, you never know when it will explode. Do you remember the time when people were receptive in their approach? Me, neither.

We have always been this way, right?

Of course, we need to be intolerant to certain issues like rape, sexism, and racism, but they seem to be accepted by our society. “Ab isme aakhir hum kya kar sakte hai?”, is the usual reply.

Anyway, let’s get back to our topic. A hashtag has been trending on Twitter today, it is – #OffendEveryoneIn4Words

You definitely need to check this out!

Can’t argue with this one.

Honestly, it should be the other way round!

That certainly is most disgusting!

This goes out for all the football fans out there.

Girl, this is the supreme truth. You can’t deny this.

Hail all the LGBT’s, here’s something for you.

Well then, keep it to yourself because the truth is nobody cares.

Mind what you say! All Potterheads are certainly offended.

Oops! Can’t stop laughing. Bhai-zoned forever.

That’s all from our side peeps.

Here’s our version

Today is a Monday.

If you too have a funny version of #OffendEveryoneIn4Words drop it in the comments below.

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