This is not what I said – Anil Bokil

Things take a turn

Looks like the currency change in India has taken a new turn when the man behind the idea, Anil Bokil said that he had not told the government to do things like this.

The fact does remain that Anil Bokil was the person for inspiring Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take the decision of the demonetisation of Rs 500 & Rs 1000 notes, but it is sure that he is unhappy with what the government has done so far.


The claims

The ArthaKranti Pratishthan has indeed claimed that they are the people behind the demonetisation and the reason of the change in the Prime Minister’s decision, but the brains behind, Anil Bokil is unhappy with the fact that the government did not implement all its suggestions as he had told. He now says that he wants to meet the Prime Minister to convince him to follow all the suggestions he had given.

He told the Pune Mirror that the government had implemented only two of his five suggestions and that the decision to demonetise wasn’t “well thought out”.


The suggestions

Here is what Anil Bokil says that he had suggested:

  • A complete abolition of all taxes
  • An imposition of a bank transaction tax which would be imposed on every deposit made in a bank
  • No tax on cash withdrawals
  • All currency notes that are above Rs 50 should be withdrawn
  • All cash transactions should be limited and the cap should be Rs 2,000


What he says now

Anil Bokil says he had never expected so many deaths to occur and he blames the government for the same. He described it as “an operation without using anaesthesia”.

“They’ve lost the transition plot completely. They should’ve stuck to our transition plan at least.” This is what Anil Bokil told the Economic Times.

He also now says that he wants to meet the government for the withdrawal of the 2000 rupees notes, and also says that if the government had followed their decisions; such an havoc in the country would not have been created.




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