No headphone jacks for future Macbook pros?

Macbook pro

In today’s news Apple is indeed reigning. To be more precise, Apple iPhone 7 is reigning. The fact also remains that the decision to remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack took many people by a surprise. It got mixed reactions; with some people liking it and some people not. In latest news, many pranks have also been played; where toothbrushes were said to be the ear pods and told people to listen to it.

In another place, somewhere a man drilled a hole on iPhone 7, telling people they could make their headphone jack the same way.

What’s more interesting is that people have tried that as well. Here are links of the pranks.

   iPhone 7 headphone prank!

     Secret hack to get headphone jack prank!

The new news

New sources confirm that apple may take out the headphone jack from macbook pros as well. Apple is said to be taking a survey among the macbook pro users, asking them a series of questions.

But what the main question is being asked, is that whether they use their headphone jack regularly or not.

This survey is what hints that Apple may be taking away the 3.5 mm headphone jack from macbook pros as well. Apple asked a series of questions out of which one was, “Do you ever use the headphone port on your MacBook Pro with Retina display?”


Why the removal

Apple removed the headphone jack in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, to make room for better battery.

We also saw the first waterproof iPhone, which the tech giant said was possible because of the removal of the jack.

That is something the macbook pro users would definitely want to see.


Unfortunately macbook pros that are releasing this year may not see the change. As the launch date is in October. They must have finalized all the designs, and in the final phase changing won’t be possible. Apple must have also started improvising on the current device, and maybe we will see the change in the macbook pros which will be released next year.

The improvisations

Apple has made sure that they have improvised on the macbook pros getting released this October. It is expected to get a very important upgrade with the new Oled display panel on top of the keyboard replacing the function keys. The Oled panel is being called the ‘Dynamic Function Row’ internally and will also support Touch ID for tight security. It is expected to be unveiled in 13-inch and 15-inch variants, and the Oled panel will need macOS Sierra to function properly. macOS Sierra will be available to Mac users from September 20.


Along side the macbook pro, macbook airs shall also be upgraded. Rumors are that macbook air’s improved version will have a c-type USB connection port, as well a port for HDMI and VGI. Whatever it is, Apple has been a tech giant for many years now, and we are sure they will not disappoint their customers. So let’s just wait and watch.



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