New dual-screen MacBook Pro might be launching next month!

The laptop

Apple never ceases to amaze us. Truly it’s one of the tech giants which take innovation very seriously and have hence made a mark on the history of technology. In recent news, a new MacBook Pro’s version might be coming out next month. So what’s exciting about Apple releasing another MacBook? Well, looks like it is going to have a dual screen. Yes that’s right, a dual screen might be on the next of Apple’s laptops.


It’s basically a touch sensitive keyboard which is going to sit in the place of keyboard itself. This has started from the website of Mac Rumors, and they have said that Apple might be releasing the same for in the later half of October. Even after saying this we cannot be sure of Apple doing such a thing until they announce officially. So we can just wait, watch and anticipate what Apple has in store for us, because we do not know what is going to come out in the month of October; that’s for sure.

The technology

The Cupertino technology is what is ruling the machines of Apple now, and they are upgrading what is known as the operating system for Mac (also known as OS X). We know recently Apple has released operating system Sierra, a newer and upgraded version of operating system El Capiton. Apple has been known to make the changes for the better, and so we can expect something awesome to be coming out if not the dual screen laptop.


In the year 2015, Apple did make many significant changes in the series of MacBooks. They brought out the MacBook Air which changed the world completely and took it by a storm. After so much technological advancements, Apple is surely thought to be making an out of the box thinking strategy and hence the dual screen laptop. Let’s just hope Apple does not put water on our burning expectations.

A break from the tradition

Many rumors hence suggest that this might be the truth after all, and Apple may indeed bring out the dual screen laptop in the coming October. What will be mainly changed are the function keys which will no longer be on top of the keyboard. They will comprise of another new touch panel, which shall be controlled by the user himself. Apple has made sure that a USB type C port will also be there, since they are becoming so handy nowadays. So whether you get the dual screen Apple MacBook pro or not, you will surely be getting a C type USB port on the machine.


Also what is new in the laptop will be a touch ID; which will enable users to lock in to the machine with a single touch. However, these are all speculations from different parts of the world wide web. Till the time Apple makes an official announcement, we are no one to say anything. So just keep your fingers crossed and hope to see the dual screen laptop in the coming October.



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