Neha Kakkar Says She Regrets Being a Celebrity!

No wonder that celebrities in India are often treated as demi-Gods. Not only this, at times they are even subjected to harsh treatments by the people. It is already quite evident by the various kind of tweets which are posted on the Social Media about them.

And, if this wasn’t enough, let me tell you what happened with our shining star Neha Kakkar recently which brought tears in her eyes. She had a break down on the stage while she was performing at a wedding. Read her post here to know what happened!

Sad, isn’t it?

Armaan Malik further extended his support to Neha Kakkar in his facebook post.

Not only this, her composer brother also mentioned his concern ver the same issue.

Some people even started to call this as a publicity stunt.

Really, now?

Has humanity really vanished?

And, so Neha Kakkar even deleted her facebook post.

To clarify the matter further, she even uploaded a video on facebook.

Here, watch out:



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