He needs a pat at the back too. Ladies appreciate him

He needs a pat at the back too. Ladies appreciate him

Was he able to do 10% of what he had aimed? Was he able to bring a much wider smile on your face than yesterday? Was he able to achieve more than the target?

Appreciate him!

Doesn’t he say you look absolutely beautiful tonight even when you’re in pajamas? Then why not appreciate him for an improvisation that he’s brought today.

Women get appreciated well.

Even if she’s just put Kajal on her eyes after a long time, there’ll be men saying, “You look different /nice today.”

From my personal experience, I’ve realized that

not all men are being appreciated.

Appreciation or Acknowledgement is something that brings confidence to one’s mind.

Make his day too:

Even if it is a bad day for him, tell him it’s nice seeing him on that shirt. Even that would work. He might know a list of things that you like and get them and surprise you.

Why don’t we take a step forward and ask them first?

Also, boys aren’t really good mind readers. They need to be told. Most of them are occupied with what they are doing at present and usually do not brainstorm like us trying to find out what exactly the issue might be.

Having a good conversation with him:

There are men I know who concentrate on the person they talk to and

do not look into the phones unless it’s really important.

This is what a healthy conversation is like. So, if he’s maintaining that while he’s talking to you, we must remember that he might as well do it with rest of the people. So, the next time he isn’t replying to your texts, give that a thought.

Men think differently from women:

Unlike women,

not all men express what their entire day has been like.

Women tend to call up their family members, friends or their boyfriends expressing how their day was. Not all men say how their day has been except, “Yes, it was good.” Or “It was okay”. So, I would encourage people to ask the men in your life as to how the day was and listen to them carefully.

Join this campaign to appreciate Men:

Also I think we women must all join hands to appreciate them with the smallest thing that can

get a smile to that person who rises up every day to make each day better!

Did you appreciate him today? 😉

Be it your Dad, your brother, you husband, friend or your boy-friend, don’t forget to appreciate him! Let that positive energy flow!



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