Navya’s Response to Amitabh Bachchan’s Letter

 Earlier, we came across Amitabh Bachchan’s sincere letter to his granddaughters which brought about the message that every grandfather wants to convey his granddaughter.

This beautiful letter soon became the talk of the town as people linked it as a promotional stunt for his recently released thriller movie Pink. While mentioning about the letter at an event Amitabh said,

“There were a lot of queries regarding why I wrote that letter. I was questioned if this was a purposeful promotional technique. You can seem at it the way you want it to be. Let me inform you how we arrived at this decision. While we were promoting the film, there were a lot of interviews that we did and each one wanted to know what Pink is. We were not capable of describing the context of the story without revealing the story line since it was a thriller.”


When he was questioned about the kind of response he got to the letter he said,

“I got an immediate response from Navya and she said, ‘Nanu, I will precisely follow this’. My daughter said, ‘I have been trying to edify Navya for so many years and just by the means of one letter, you have conveyed what I sought to for so many years’. That had an instantaneous impact.”


It is, however, amusing to note down that it was Pink’s co-producer Shoojit Sircar’s idea to write down a letter to his granddaughters.

 “Shoojit alleged then why don’t we consider the motto of the film and put it in the outline of a letter and why don’t you inscribe it to your granddaughters… It will be a good gesture and it will be something that we will be able to express to the addresses without revealing the story. So what we have seen in the letter was the essence of Pink.”

Well, it really doesn’t matter if the letter was promotional or not because the message it spread was worth-while.




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