The nation demands an answer


In the recent news, we have seen many tragic things happening in this country. From the Uri attacks to our Jawans getting killed, things are not going well for this country. But maybe the most tragic incident took place when Army man Ram Kishan Grewal committed suicide leaving behind nothing but stunned silence. He was opposing the Modi government’s one rank one pension (OROP) scheme which eventually led to him taking his own life.

How it really happened


According to reports, Ram Kishan Grewal had consumed poison on Tuesday afternoon as he was protesting against the delay in the implementation of the pension scheme. Police said that the 70-year old veteran, along with many another ex-Army personnel, were in the process of submitting a memorandum to the Defence Ministry of India over the issue.

What is OROP?


OROP is basically a scheme where the pension is uniform for all Indian Armed personnel retiring at the same rank with the same length of service. OROP means this, irrespective of their date of retirement. The future enhancement of the pay of the pension is to be automatically passed on to the past pensioners.

The total amount disbursed under OROP by March 17, 2016, was Rs 2,293 crore.

Why are people unhappy?


Despite Modi saying repeatedly many times with Defense minister Manohar Parrikar, the government is not at all keeping its promises regarding OROP. And hence people are not happy as they want answers.

Ex-servicemen have been protesting in Jantar Mantar in the National Capital over what they describe as anomalies in the scheme.

The main points of the issue


  • Time period for revision
  • Fixing pensions at the scale top
  • Base year
  • Year of personal’s joining
  • Date of implementation

What the nation wants to know


What the nation wants to know is very simple. In a country which is formed on the blood and sweat of the Army, Air Force, and Navy men; how is it that a veteran so easily gives his life away. In today’s century, the most important people in the country are the country’s defense and nothing else. They do things for which we cannot even imagine doing. While we sit behind in our comfortable homes, they go forward and fight those who threaten our nation.

We cannot hope to even understand what the Army does for us. But the government can and has to understand what the Army does for them. How is it that just because of a few small changes an ex-army man commits suicide? The government has to take charge and be held responsible for the suicide because only they know that if things are not changed; more will follow. And the country shall and cannot bear any more losses for the incompetence of the government.

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