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NarayaN Yaduvanshi

NarayaN Yaduvanshi

Hi, my name is NarayaN Yaduvanshi. I am currently working in Bangalore. I belong to a place called Mathura, which is in UP about 150 km to the south from Delhi.

I have few passions that I like to write about them.

  1. Programing (Node js)
  2. Bikes
  3. Cars
  4. Travel
  5. Vlogging
  6. Video games
  7. Vollyball
  8. Tour
  9. Technology and Gadgets

I did my education from Army public school till 12th in 2008 and then came to Bangalore for B.Sc in Animation from Manipal University. I worked with Xentrix studios for 3 years as a Web developer in researc and development department. I found my first and the best mentor in xentrix. His name is phani madhav but I usually call him fun-e sir. Very hardworking person and a superb teacher. He exectly know how to teach someone for their most benefits.

Later worked in [24]7 and meridium through Indecomm global services. Another faadu mentor is Raoul george. 1 hell of an intelligent fellow in the field of javascript programming and product architecture. After working for more then 1.5 years with them I moved on to ykone which is a fashion based company which expertize in providing a solution to digital marketing at the most sophisticated possible way. I am currently heading the technical team as a product architect in ykone since Oct 2015.

Its been great experience so far. I have been partying riding driving roaming and what not.

I started this blog to write about my daily activities that I love doing. 1 of them turned out to be moto vlogging. I will be posting a video very often on my Youtube channel.


Incase if you wanna find out more about me. Go ahead and call me for a beer down the road and I will be available.

[email protected]

Mob : +91 9611975787

Take care

NarayaN Yaduvanshi


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