Music – The best medicine


Ever been in the middle of a huge mess? Tired of the hum drum of everyday life? What do you generally do to unwind at the end of a particularly hectic day?

Here is a therapy that does not involve the confusing biological terms enunciated by doctors or complicated dosages of medicines whose names you probably cannot pronounce. This a therapy that does not even involve a doctor! Strange huh? Not at all. Since one really does not have to do anything. Just a good taste in music would suffice. Music? Yes music! A remedy to cure all ills!


From the slow but sensuous voice of George Michael singing Careless Whisper(Deadpool fans, stop right there!) to the husky, deep throated baritone of Jesse Rutherford of The Neighbourhood, from the musical genius of Kurt Cobain of Nirvana to the meaningful lyrics beaded onto catchy tunes of Coldplay, there is a plethora of music to choose from.

Some like rock with the drum beats syncopating with their heart beats while some like pop with the tunes playing at the back of their minds the rest of the day! And some people even like a mixture of more than two genres! But that is where the beauty of music lies, it never has to be the same everyday. Each day can be a day to explore new avenues and come to know of all the brilliant artists out there.


Although there is no fixed procedure associated with this therapy, the following steps might help-

  1. Come back home defeated(Aren’t we all at the end of the day?)
  2. Throw your shoes in one corner and your socks at the other end of the galaxy.
  3. Put on the oldest pair of pajamas you own(The older the comfier!)
  4. Switch on your laptop and let the music play!
  5. Oh, don’t forget the speakers. The music should be blaring at full volume. Afterall, the neighbours need to know that you’re back!
  6. Enjoy the music for the next twelve hours or so!
  7. Crawl back into bed and sleep. you have another mundane day ahead of you.
  8. Think about the amazing date you had with your music last night and look forward to it.

P.S.- Try not to get fired while following point 8!



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