Mumbai to Get yet Another Marine Drive in the Eastern Seafront

I am in Mumbai since the past few days and without any doubt, Marine Drive has become my ultimate place to chill! I’m sure every Mumbaikar would relate himself/herself to that. However, I live in the East extension while the Marine Drive is towards the south and it is a HUGE task to travel in Mumbai due to the massive traffic out there!

But, yay! Here comes the good news- Mumbai is going to get its second Marine drive in the eastern seafront which is going to be about 6 km’s long(roughly twice of the one that exists previously). Doesn’t that sound cool?

Well, of course you will have to wait(for almost 5-6 years) to witness the new Marine Drive but this isn’t all. There’s a lot more in store. MbPT chairman Sanjay Bhatia said,

You will have a completely new city on the eastern coast of the city.

We wonder what else could it be?! *squeaks*

This perhaps, seems to be the best plan undertaken by the officials towards the development of Mumbai(only if it turns to be a reality ofc). Funds for this new plan will be raised through the central government office.

An official, Mr. Bhatia said,

This plan includes an ecological garden as well, along with a marina with enough space to hold around 300 private yachts of Mumbai’s wealthy elite.

Looks like the eastern part is on it’s way to become the ‘raapchik'(in terms of a Mumbaikar) part of Mumbai.

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