Little things that make up life.

The hectic schedule in our life doesn’t exactly allow us to realize how lucky we are to have the things which other unfortunate people consider a luxury. We just take everything for granted and just lose out little things which give us happiness. We just tend to concentrate on materialistic things that can buy us things that can provide us luxury and happiness. We aim for degrees, jobs rather than education and satisfaction.

Here we give you a list of things you need to cherish and live life to its fullest.

1. Time spent with family


Those conversations filled with laughter and remembering your childhood or family history with them cannot be replaced by anyone. Just try to sit through them without phones and you will get to discover a whole lot of things from them.

2. Time spent doing nothing


No work, no technology or gadgets. You just sit and observe little things from children playing games to the blue sky. You get relaxed and appreciative of things.

3. Long lost friends


you share a different yet special bond with them. You share stories and how you used to be with them before everything got changed and became a competition.

4. Appreciative of things you take for granted


A healthy meal, clothes, education and a happy environment to grow. We only realize these things when we see people who don’t have the same and are deprived of the life you are having.

5. Your health


you never get serious about your health until the day it deteriorates and then you wish you had been more careful. From a blocked nose to pain in stomach, these things make you realize that it’s time you pay attention to yourself.

6. Just doing a selfless act of kindness


it brightens up your day thinking that you made someone’s life easier. That act gives you an unusual happiness and the smile in return is irreplaceable.

So go ahead and do all these because sometimes, just a time alone is what’s needed.



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