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Travelling. It leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller! Every living being in this world loves to travel. And if someone does not, they have a serious disorder which needs to be fixed. Some of us have the passion to travel, some develop interest in the later stages of life and a few others are just dragged into it. Hopefully. But not many people think about making it a career option. Ever thought you are just wasting your time in your office and you are made to just explore the world? Can travel be considered as a career? Of course it can! Read on to get to know more about some of the careers that’ll make sure you earn bucks as well travel your heart out.

  1. Travel blogger

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Do you love to travel as well as writing? Well then you are the right person for this job! All you have to do is travel as much as you can and keep writing stuff. There are people all over the world who are ready to pay for doing just this. Who knew there were jobs where you can enjoy your heart’s desire and earn to feed your stomach too!

  1. Tour guide

Do you have good communication and interpersonal skills? Is finding new things about new places your passion? Then yes mate, tour guide is the option for you. People in exotic places are looking for tour guides! Explain the heritage and the beauty of the place to the tourists in the morning and relax in your house in the evening. And if you do not want to be stagnant in just one place, keep shifting places and live your life to the fullest!

  1. Travel writer


No, this is not the same as travel blogging. Here comes the fine line of difference between passion and money. If you are passionate about travelling, then be a travel blogger. But if you think money is equally important, being a travel writer is always better! Travel writers get to travel the world as well, but they work for someone else. On the other hand bloggers maintain their own page/website and travel wherever they want to. So go out there and get a tan!

  1. Travel journalist

You need a little more than passion if you want to opt for this career. Just string a few sentences together and having the passion to travel won’t make you a travel journalist! You need to dog out facts about the places you visit, make sure your blogs/writing gets the attention needed. Only then will a company hire you. And once that happens my friends, you’ll can go anywhere you want at any time you want. Because trust me, these people get a handsome salary.

  1. Travel consultant


Think you know the places all over the world than anyone else? Well then mate, you are fit for this job. People from around the globe will pay you a lump sum amount just so that you can suggest them places to visit. For this of course, you should travel like a freak. And get to know the places you travel to more than the winds flowing there!

  1. Travel photographer


Ah! Photography. And no, owning a DSLR does not make you a photographer. If you think you REALLY have what it needs to be one, open a blog, write some stuff and upload the pictures which makes you proud. And voila! If you photographs are good enough, they are sure to land you in companies who needs talents like you! So go out there and shoot. Like, shoot with a camera though, not a gun.



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