Which loss is bigger?

Which loss is bigger?-

It made me cry, while travelling back home, when I knew about how small the loss is compared to this young boy’s loss!


While travelling back from work towards home I had to take a cab and I lost my newly bought phone in it. Weeks together I was down in pain as all my hard-earned money which I saved to buy this exclusively limited edition phone was lost!


Looking at me one of my new hire came  and asked, “You look really upset these days, what happened?”


I was in despair and as he was a new hire I did not feel like to tell him anything about my loss.


I smiled back at him and said, “All is well Drona, just little mood swings”


“Aah, I never saw you having any mood swings, maybe you do not want to share”, he said with a grin.


Just to drive away the topic I started asking him about him and his family.


“So Drona tell me about your family you are from Rajasthan right!”, I said recollecting few information.


He said “Yes mam!”, with a smile


“And how about your family, you learned to observe people from your father is it?” I asked to pick on he noticing my behaviour!


“ I was not that privileged to learn anything from my father”, he again said with a smile.


Now I was nervous as I unnecessarily picked up on something emotional, Instead of asking why you did not learn anything from your father I said,

“So you must have been following your mom’s foot steps”


“My mom left me when I was just one month old,” his smile was still visible.


Horrible attempt I spoke to myself. But I wanted to know what happened. Then he shared his real life story with me.


Drona’s father was in debts and he committed suicide when Drona’s mom was expecting. After Drona was born, his mother had to leave him and she was forced to get married to somebody else in Rajasthan the next month of Drona’s birth. All his life he has never seen his mother’s pic and he has not seen his father in real. He has no idea how it is to be brought up by the parents love and affection.


“Then who take care of you?” I asked with curiosity.


“My Grand pa took care of me. But I was treated as servant of the house by my uncles. I remember hardly eating full stomach or eating anything in my childhood days.

However, I am still grateful that they provided me with the education required and now I can work in such good company” he said.


My heart was melting! I cried back home thinking about his loss and my stupidity of being upset with just losing a mobile phone.


How fortunate we are I thought, at least to receive the love of our parents. As there are people out there who doesn’t even know how it feels when your parents place their hand on your head.


And what I heard from him about the way he has lived his life so far not only left me in tears, it left me with an inspiration to look at life and the problems in a bigger way and not materialistic way.
Note: A true life event though names have been changed.



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