Little Things! – A must watch for all the web series lovers

Little things by DiceMedia- A must watch for all web series lovers.

Yes we all are caught up in our life to make it big, dream big, have big achievements in career and have a larger than life imaginations to be fulfilled. But when we look back what made us smile were the little things in life which we did with our loved ones to make a difference.

Little things is one such web series which strikes a chord between the realities of todays world and the joy of doing little things with your partner.

Plot : Dhruv is a regular Delhi guy settled in Mumbai for work and Kavya is a girl from Nagpur living-in with Dhruv in Mumbai.

Reality Check :These characters are so relatable in day-to-day life scenarios like having a bad day at work, to little fights over each others happiness, to discussing things which does not makes sense but makes them feel so comfortable with each other and a career dilemma.

Social Networking : In this world full of social media they find solace in each others company and find that the happiness is not posting pics on facebook about that lavish holiday or check-ins in those bigger malls. For them happiness comes just from within when you feel there is no need to be a part of the race instead the need is to be content and satisfied with the little things you have.

The Humour: Hilarious conversations of how a girl behaves and the guy responds, the confusion for a girl to wear the best party dress and the never ending desire of a male to satisfy his taste buds in the best restaurant, the little make up and picking on each other over the choices of decisions they made in life and the most important thing the love and care they have for each other makes Dhruv and Kavya the most loving couple ever.

Apart from the storyline the cinematography and the amazing chemistry between Dhruv and Kavya makes this web series a visual treat to watch.

It is a must watch series for all the people to understand that little things matters a lot in everyones life!

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