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Apple WWD

There has always been a bit of riff raff between the android users and apple users since time eternity. And for good reasons too! Even though android offers good products at a much cheaper rate, all the ‘i-gadgets’ have their own class. Let’s take the example of Apple WWDC itself! What is it you ask? Well, my friends if you are a ‘Steve Jobs’ fan, you must keep reading this article. WWDC is the annual Worldwide Developers Conference held by Apple in San Francisco, California. The conference is for Apple to basically show their new products and software to the technology loving geeks out there. The people who are lucky enough to attend the conference (which are a rare few by the way) get to participate in hands-on-labs of all the apple gadgets with the apple engineers themselves. Talk about luck! This conference started with Steve Jobs way back in 2006 and takes place every year in San Franciso. Before you burn up with excitement about what they are going to tell to those ‘lucky people’ attending the conference, let me brief you about the same.

  • Apple news is getting redesign and supports subscription

WIRED | Apple WWDC 2015 Photo by Bryan Derballa

What this basically means is that Apple is going to add a bunch of new features in it’s new features which include Top News, Trending and even Sport! The app will recognize your reading habits and suggest you the subscriptions of Apple automatically. Talk about Artificial Intelligence!

  • Apple music to get a rediscover playlist and complete new design


Just after a year of it’s introduction, Apple is redesigning the whole of Apple music. This will now make it easier to navigate and will also create a playlist based on the users listening taste. Damn!

  • Maps is getting redesigned Guess what people.


Now it’s just not maps with Apple maps! You can even book cabs via them and even pay them using Apple pay and even book restaurant and movie tickets. Well, Oxford maps are not just maps now!

  •  Photos on Google photos Apple are even updating their photos.


You will now be able to organize your photos based on facial recognization. This app will also have ‘memories’, which will bundle together photos taken in the same event or date.

  • SIRI. Need I say more?


Siri, which now services over 2 billion requests per day, is now opening up to developers. That means you’ll be able to ask Siri to send a message through WeChat, ask it to call an Uber, search for photos on Pinterest and start and stop your workout apps all with voice command. Siri, you beauty. Or should I call you the beast? 6. Predictive type takeover QuickType will bring Siri intelligence to the keyboard, using deep learning to enable more intelligent predictive typing using expanded context. That means Message can now help you with text responses, and offer up your location when someone is wondering where you are. Now that it’s open to developers you’ll be able to look up movies or restaurants straight from the keyboard. The QuickType keyboard will also now support multilingual typing. Apple also made a point of noting that, unlike Google, its AI analysis will stay on your device and won’t transmit your texts to the cloud. Competition, my friends is in the market.

Well, WWDC is indeed a feast to the eyes for all the techies and Apple lovers out there. But unfortunately only 5000 of the world can make it there. So friends, just read this and hope you are in the guest list next time! Apple out.



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