Kill me again! – You are still missing one!

Kill me again! – You are still missing one!


Do you love action? Do you like thrills? Ever wondered what suspense the story is unfolding? Do you keep guessing who is the killer? Then “Kill Me Again” is a perfect treat for your adventurous appetite and leaving you still asking for more.


Kill Me again is suspense thriller book which makes the reader glued till the end.


Plot : Madhumita Sharma a perfect combination for beauty with brains is a police officer who solves the mystery behind serial killings and catches the killer. Bold and beautiful, Furious and commanding lady lands in Hyderabad to resolve another serial killing mystery and teams up with various people to solve the case.


Vishesh who is private detective plays a key role in helping Madhumita.


But the mystery of “You are still missing one” gets over there head. A run and chase goes around. Vishesh’s closed ones life are at risk if he helps Madhumita.


Will Madhumita again be successful to find this murderer? would Vishesh be able to save his family member’s life? Is there any inside informer who is helping the killer? what is the motive behind this serial killing?

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Review: A perfectly written suspense thriller, as soon as you get answer to one question the reader is left with some more mystery. The characters are very connecting and well described. The writer takes you to a complete journey of emotions, drama and action in this book leaving you awestruck with the storyline. A must read for all the readers who enjoys thrills, emotions and drama.


Author : Sekhar Kadiyala.
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