Kangana Files Sexual Harrasment Charges at Work Place

Kangana is the real queen of Bollywood. She is fierce and bold. She is strong and independent. Just how the modern day women should be in a male-dominated society. She has always encouraged women to fight for equal rights as men. She is never afraid of speaking her mind. Can you recall the last time she wasn’t bold enough when it comes to B-town talk? Me, neither! She is candid in all her interviews.

Recently, she charged a petition against Vikas Bahl, the director of Queen regarding sexual harassment. According to a report filed by her, she was assaulted sexually by Vikas Bahl on a trip to Goa. Although the director has denied all the allegations, an inquiry has been launched by the committee.

In a recent press conference, she said,

It’s a very serious issue. I can only say that it is very courageous of a woman to come out and speak about sexual harassment. It’s not regarding this particular event, because I am not the party involved, but generally speaking, women who face this should be encouraged to talk about it by their families and their colleagues without feeling ashamed about it.

She urged the women to be open about such issues, no matter wherever they are subjected to it.

She added,

More women should come out and talk about whatever they feel because that’s how there will be awareness about these issues and of course, there will always be another side of the story as well and then there will be the authorities, who can decide what is the right thing to do. But people should speak up about whatever they feel, whether they are right or wrong, they must speak up and discuss.

In such a case, here’s a pledge that must be taken by each any every individual –

PS: If nothing of this works, it is always wiser to carry a pepper spray to be well-prepared!

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