If you have just stepped in Bangalore, these street markets are a must visit for you!


Bangalore, the green city of India is of course famous for its swanky malls. But what really ensures shopping on a low budget is its bustling street markets. From the lively Commercial Street to the famous MG and brigade road, these are the destinations where you all shopaholics should be headed to. Packed with different forms of accessories, clothes, apparels, shoes, books and antiques these provide you the much needed shop-a-therapy.

Commercial Street

Active with people from all over the city at all times of the day, Commercial Street is one of the liveliest markets in this beautiful city. The place is lined with hundreds of antique and trinkets shops. Located just one kilometer away from MG Road, this place is always filled with people; be it the locals or the tourists. That’s not all! You will find the most mouthwatering dishes of Bangalore lined up in the alleys and lanes of the market. So what are you waiting for! Go run a hard bargain here, and you will not be disappointed.


Brigade road

This shopping hub in Bangalore, is especially famous with the youngsters. From fashion to food; name it and you shall find it in Brigade road. Fashion comes in different kinds here too; from the classy malls to the street stalls, you fill find everything in one place. This has been the New Year celebration hub for Bangloreans for many years; so now you know how famous this place is!


MG Road

MG Road is the central point in Bangalore, which connects all the places in the city. Known for its famous silk handicrafts all over Bangalore, this place has everything a tourist wants; from a store just for kids to the lip smacking street delicacies Bangalore is famous for. If you want a value for your money in terms of clothes, this is the place you should hit. This place also has its own Metro Station, so trust me commuting here is the easiest thing ever.


Residency road

Bangalore’s hub for handicrafts; that’s what this place is. Lined with different forms of craftsmanship, this place offers you such beauty that you cannot take your eyes off the shops. Apart from the famous Eva mall situated here, there are also several government handicrafts emporiums which sell you exquisite materials at very reasonable prices.


Sampige road

Imagine that place you have been where it has bustling people driving a hard bargain with vendors. Now multiply the livelihood and the people by 10; that’s what this place is. Occupying the heart of Malleshwaram, Sampige road is visited by the locals every day of the week to shop for literally anything and everything. Be it a petty watch shop you are searching for or a Khadi Emporium or even a Bhel puri shop; Sampige Road has it all. And not far from there is the famous Mantri Mall where you can always go window shopping. So go out there and shop your heart’s fill without emptying your wallets.



On the way to the airport and have a lot of time to spare? Just changed your mind and want to go for some shopping. Well my friends, there is always Marathahalli. Located on the way to airport; this is the place where most of the factory outlets are. That means whatever you buy in those expensive malls, you can get the same thing here, with just one minor change. The cost is literally half. So go out there and trade in some stuff without burning a hole in your pockets.




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