jQuery 3.0 Final Released.

jQuery 3.0

Good news for all the technology loving freaks out there! jQuery 3.0 has finally been released in the wild. Being in the building process since October 2014, it had been something all programmers had been waiting for. The organization had been on the mission to create a more slimmer and faster version of jQuery, and looks like they have indeed succeeded in doing the same. They have also made sure to use some of the more modern web APIs where it made sense. And of course if you need IE6-8 support, you can continue to use the latest 1.12 release. To assist with upgrading, they even have a brand new 3.0 upgrade guide (https://jquery.com/upgrade-guide/3.0/). And the jQuery Migrate 3.0 plugin (https://github.com/jquery/jquery-migrate#migrate-older-jquery-code-to-jquery-30) will help you to identify compatibility issues in your code. Your feedback on the changes will be greatly appreciated so go out ahead and help them out.


Here is some more great news for you guys. They have finally added something new to this release. Sometimes you don’t need ajax, or you sometimes you even prefer to use one of the many standalone libraries that focus on ajax requests. And often it is easier to use a combination of both the language CSS and class manipulation for all your web animations. Along with the regular version of jQuery that has the ajax and the effects modules, they are on the way to release a “slim” version that excludes all these modules. All in all, it excludes ajax, effects, and currently deprecated code. The size of jQuery is very rarely a load performance concern these days, but the slim build is about 6k gzipped bytes smaller than the regular version – 23.6k vs 30k. These files are also available in the npm package and on the CDN.


Here are some of the major changes they have made:

  1. jQuery.Deferred is now Promises/A+ compatible. (I know, that was needed)
  2. Added .catch() to Deferrends. (Finally!)
  3. Animations now use requestAnimationFrames. (Okay, that’s gonna be interesting)
  4. Error cases don’t silently fail. (*Wide eyes*)

Great isn’t it? Go ahead and mention in the comments the topics you want us to write about. After all sirs and madams, your wishes, are our commands.






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