iPhone 7 users complaining over poor call quality!


The iPhone 7

I really don’t need to tell you the hype that was created when the iPhone 7 came out. SO many people in one place where last seen when so many people were catching Pokemon at a river side. The iPhone 7 cut away many things; one most important advancements was by removing the 3.5 mm headphone jack. The change was well appreciated, but many people did not think it was feasible for them to handle wireless ear-pods. Apple has made sure that all the iPhone 7 users buy the ear-pods, because without them; the iPhone in itself is nothing.


Apple has obviously made many technological advancements in the near dates, but if they fail to provide the best of quality to their consumers; then it’s a utter waste. Apple has however tried to live with the expectations. We also wish to see the dual screen laptops Apple might be releasing this October. (See my previous articles for further insight on the same)

The complains

Since Apple is such a big name, maintaining the brand image is a big thing. Even if one of the devices that Apple produces is found to be faulty; the person shall make sure the whole of world comes to know how bad Apple is. Hence Apple does indeed; have a reputation to maintain. With the recent advancement of iPhone 7, they have made sure that they give the best and make no mistakes.


However some of the iPhone 7 users have been complaining about very poor sound quality from the devices. Apple obviously knows about this, but has not done anything about it. They maybe, I repeat maybe changing the handsets of the consumers with faulty handsets. Many people have complained that the sound sounds like coming behind the phone, and hence sounds very hollow. The call and voice quality are both very poor and it’s high time Apple makes sure they are back on track with iPhone 7 again. With a market such as India, Apple has to make sure everything is the best.

The fix of the problem

There seems to be a temporary fix for the problem. If you lower the volume while speaking on the phone, the call and sound quality increases drastically. Of course, this is not any permanent fix; but something is better than nothing. Apple has responded to some people’s e-mails and will maybe in the near future change all the handsets. Decreasing the volume creates many other problems; such as the speaker cannot listen to the words very clearly. It’s a very big fix: if the volume is increased; the quality decreases. If the volume is decreased; the quality however increases.


The consumers have no idea what to do and we want Apple to do something about it indeed.



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