Indian YouTube comedians! Uniting the nation.


Who doesn’t like a good laugh. But in the busy schedule we follow today, it’s quite difficult to get some. Gone are the days when friends used to sit in a coffee shop all day and laugh their asses out. YouTube however has changed this century. Need to know anything new? YouTube has it! The same goes for comedy. If you think you are depressed and need a laugh, go to these YouTube channels and we are sure it will make your day. So here it is, presenting to you the top 10 Indian YouTube comedians.

  • The Viral Fever Videos (TVF)


Probably the funniest channel on YouTube, these people love making people laugh. You wouldn’t believe this,  but initially their idea of Qtiyapa was rejected by MTV. So what did they do? They came up with their own YouTube channel. This hilarious channel has different series you need to follow right away.

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  • Comedy One


Suresh Menon being the main face of Comedy One, this channel bring you some of the funniest and quirkiest videos ever. With Menon having the Big B series and and Chris with his pranks, this is definitely a channel you should look out for!

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  • Trouble Seeker Team


With their hilarious pranks they do on the streets, this channel definitely makes your stomach ache with laughter. With them doing their jobs brilliantly and making a fool of so many innocent people on the Streets of this country, be sure to watch them whenever you down. But beware! Even you might be their next target.

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  • Being Indian


If you don’t know about this channel then you are definitely missing something in life. With their street interviewer going to people and places, this channel definitely cracks you up. They even have a series on different cities which you will surely relate to if you are from that place.

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  • All India Backchod (AIB)


Do I really have to introduce this channel? These people make subtle jokes on the weird things happening in our country and they couldn’t be more true! With ‘Ever _____’ series, they have sure made a place in every youngster’s heart. However if you get offended fast, I would recommend you avoiding this channel. And if you have a good sense of humor; well, you already know them then!

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  • The Humor beings


They might not be a very famous channel, but they have done some brilliant work as well. Founded by Nitin Gupta (Rivaldo). Humor Beings is one of the premiere stand up comedy company in India. They have done more than 250 shows in IITs, IIMs and many MNCs. So if you enjoy a good laugh, make sure you hit the subscribe button on their YouTube channel!

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  • Mania ki Duniya


These people are not like the regular comedy channels folks! These people are different, very very different. With their funny 2D cartoon characters they showcase. it is definitely going to make you laugh harder than anything else.

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  • Indian Chor Bazaar


As the name suggests, this channel is for the Youngsters of the country and they make sure to add a pinch of the humor to it as well. A channel just for the younger Indian Audience, you can surely smile and share their videos with your friends.

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  • SnG Comedy

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“I am Akshay Kumars chest hair waxer. But now I also make YouTube videos with Schitz En Giggles Comedy” That’s how they introduce themselves. Team of 5 people who work hard to make you laugh hard through their videos. Definitely one of the funniest Indian YouTube channels.

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  • East India Comedy (EIC) 

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Founded by a group of members who go by the same name, these people sure know the tickle spots in your body. They upload footage of their stand up acts as well as some sketches which surely will make laugh.

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