Indian Man’s House Trashed with Dog Poop and Eggs in US!

With the triumph of Mr. Trump in the US, everything seems to be going topsy-turvy, saying so would be to put it mildly. Recently, we came across the news of an Indian man shot in Kansas by a racist supporter of Trump, and if that wasn’t all, here comes another news- The house of an Indian man living in America was trashed with dog poop and eggs. The xenophobic attitude of Mr. Trump has brought about this pitfall.

The group who did this also went on to write things like,‘You brown Indian shouldn’t be here’ on the walls. Hateful and racial messages were written on the outside of his house. The group which committed this treacherous act remains unidentified.

However, his neighbor who turned out to be a noble soul helped this man to clean his house. However, he says,

It was frightening.

Instead of hate, the Indian was filled with compassion, he didn’t complain much about the incident he told the media about how his neighbors helped him to clean his house.

What’s even worse? The terror caused by this hate crime is rising amongst us. The mother of the man who died in Kansas asked her younger son to come back to India.

Perhaps, USA has failed to understand the value of the skilled Indians who add up to the country benefits. If they do not realize it anytime soon, we are afraid, USA will soon be deprived of the highly trained workforce supplied by India.

Grow up USA, will you?



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