Humorously Yours- Vipul Goyal tickling your funny bones

Humorously Yours – Vipul Goyal tickling your funny bones.


The most awaited TVF originals “Humourously Yours” is a sure way to make you laugh and leave you with an outstanding sense of giggles in day-to-day life.

Plot : Vipul is a struggling stand-up comedian, married to a working woman and looking for some breakthrough in his career.

Episode 1 : “M” for “Manager”

This series began with a bang, hilarious representation on the dilemma of a stand up comedian life to get shows and then appoint a manager for the same makes audience love stand-up comedians more than stand-up comedians love their jokes.

Take Aways : Vipul’s interaction with his wife, the constant friction in his own identity to be established and while being a stay at home husband makes this episode a visual treat.

Vipul’s poem on “Woh the papa” is gonna stay in a viewers mind for long time whenever they are going to read any message on “Papa”

His friend in need and friend indeed will remind many of us that one friend who is always there for us to keep us going in the chaos of the life.

It is always said that, laughter is the best medicine” this show is a must watch for the audience to look forward to get medicated with this series.

Questions unanswered : Will Vipul ever make it to the limelight? What if he fails to pursue his dream? Is he determined enough make a mark for himself?

Keep watching this series to keep tickling your funny bones and spread happiness.

So what are you waiting for go ahead and have some good time watching this show, here is the link for you all. Keep smiling and keep laughing. Spread happiness viewers! 🙂

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