Huawei’s Honor 6X – all we know about it

Honor 6X

The budget phone

Maybe the most budget oriented phone released in India has been the Huawei’s Honor phone. I see so many people using the same, and it does not feel like a cheap phone. The display and sound quality are fair, nothing can be said about that at least. This China’s phone giant reached India and had their market doubled. They have a fine market here in India and we do not deny the fact that we like their phones.


Recently Huawei released it’s enticing Nova and Nova Plus line and they surely have been a blast. It is so awesome that many of my friends had pre-ordered and taken one each for themselves. The look and the feel of the phone is quite good when you see how much money you have paid. Huawei hence creates the solid phones with premium features, but no pocket burning price tags. The touch however sometimes lags, but that is not an issue if you are not a regular phone gamer. Other than that, it has indeed created it’s own mark.

The Honor 6X

Following it’s last years budget phone Huawei Honor 5X, this year Huawei Honor 6X is going to be released and we couldn’t be more excited. We at present obviously do not know much about the phone but shall tell you all we know about the same. The phone was certified by China’s TENAA agency. This gives us the fact that the phone shall be released but does not give us a insight as to what specifications it might have.


We have also seen the photos of the phone, and believe me they look pretty impressive. For a low budget phone, if the exterior looks this good; any person would that. Huawei has basically understood the Indian market and is making a very good stand in it again. But if we look closely to this phone’s predecessor, the Huawei Honor 5X we can make out what features are going to be added to it’s newer model. We can at least take a guess!

The features

From what we know, it has a dual camera and of course like it’s former in the league, has a fingerprint scanner. It has 4G LITE support. It also has dual sim card slots and the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The only thing which is intolerable by the Huawei in the their smartphones is their custom emotion UI layer.


So when do you think we can expect it? Huawei has not said any dates as of now, but China has confirmed that Honor 6X is releasing in their country on October 18th! Maybe that is the day we will see the new phone emerge. In short Huawei makes very affordable phones for all the people, and no one goes un noticed in Huawei.



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