A Hilarious trip to Pondicherry!

A Hilarious trip to Pondicherry!


Whenever, I plan a vacation or trip with my friends there are incidents which make them memorable throughout my life. This trip to Pondicherry is really close to my heart as the excitement did not end till the time we reach Hyderabad.


We started around 9 pm from Hyderabad and we were all set for the visit. We were a group of four people. The travelling was smooth till the time we reached Pondicherry. The real fun began when we got down from the train.


One of my friend forgot his bag in the train. Past one hour he realised that he had two bags and one of which was in the train. Thankfully, there was no important stuff in that. Still we decided to go back to the station and check. When we reached station, the train was gone.


Disappointed my friend was left with no extra clothes. However, to cheer him up we decided to buy clothes for him in the market. We went to the market and bought him clothes.


Later we checked in the hotel and had lunch. we planned our whole trip checking with the local guys and then rented a car for the same. We visited Sri aurobindo museum, pondicherry museum, auroville,Church of Sacred heart Jesus, French war memorial, etc.,

I was in awestruck with the sculpted beauty what an art. I always admired visiting historic places and for me I had everything I wished to see.


While returning back one of my friend picked up a fight with a localite. I was literally scared however the police came and helped us to resolve the fight. It was a sigh of relief for me. After all that excitement we slept peacefully at the hotel.


Next day we planned to visit Ousteri lake, paradise beach, serenity beach, statue of dupleix and then in the evening we had to catch a bus from .

We had to return the car we rented. By the time we reached the stop the bus has already started. we decided to chase the bus in the taxi, and finally we could get in the bus.


When we settled down, we were asked for tickets, and I got yet another shock as my friend booked the ticket for another travel and we boarded a different one. However the bus guy was good enough to let us be in their bus till the time the next time arrives and then we all got down.


We all scolded our ticket friend, however we had no other option left with us to go back apart from waiting for some other local travel. We searched for some help and booked ticket online, thankfully my internet was working. I was proud of my network that day ;).
Finally we got in the bus and then reached Hyderabad. We were so relieved and went home to take rest after all this adventurous stuff. As soon as I reached home I got a call from the friend asking when is the next trip planned and we both simply laughed because it reminded us the hilarious moments of the trip!



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  1. Good Read, enjoyed the moments that you’ve shared. At times things that don’t go right at the moment becomes a hilarious past and we can re-live it again and again. Even, I have shared my experiences here but of solo traveling. If you get time, do see it and comments are always appreciated.


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