Here’s What Rani Mukherjee Wrote on Her Daughter’s Birthday!

So Rani Mukherjee has voiced the concern of every Mom on her daughter’s birthday eve. She wrote a note which is really touching and also shared the first picture with her daughter. Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukherjee have always pampered their little bundle of joy and treated her with utmost care.

Rani has always tried to keep her personal life under wraps. But, a few days back she opened up about it.

Here’s what she wrote:

I love my baby Adira.. Can’t live or breathe without her.. My life has changed.. But for the better.. But having a baby is so scary.. Because you suddenly stop living for yourself.. You live for your child,, As she has given birth to you.. A mother..! I can’t sleep at night.. I can’t sleep in the day.. I often think about all the zillions of mothers who have given birth.. Do they all go through the same anxiety.. Or is it only me??? I salute all mothers! I am eternally grateful to the Almighty to have given me this blessing in the form of Adira! I don’t know if anyone understands me at this point of my life.. But I’m going with the flow.. I let anyone and everyone say things to me without reacting… sometimes reacting also.. I’ve become much calmer.. More patient.. And more forgiving.. It happened overnight one day suddenly.. I realised I have changed.. Again for the better I guess. I hope I can bring up Adira beautifully.. Without any fears.. Brave.. Wise.. Clever.. Disciplined.. Well mannered.. I want everyone to be proud of her.. Even if nobody is.. I will always be proud of her.. Encourage her to follow her heart.. Not get bullied ever.. not be pressurised for anything in life.. Be carefree always.. Happy and smiling.. Laughing wholeheartedly.. Her smile reaching her eyes..

– Rani Mukerji Chopra
On the eve of her daughter Adira’s first birthday



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