Are you the happy soul? – Five Qualities of Happy People

Are you the happy soul? – Five Qualities of Happy People

We come across many people in life. Some share their stories to make us glad some stories makes us sad, but one thing one shall never miss out on is being happy and listening to a happy soul.


Here are the five qualities of a happy soul


1. They celebrate each milestone. Self motivated people who can pat on their back for their achievements


2. They not only call for celebration, they share their happiness with all the people who are close to them. The happy soul is contagious.


3. Happy people get a real sound sleep as nothing in the world bothers them except their own tranquility.


4. As the first rule of happiness states – happiness starts from within, happy people dance on their own tunes.


5. When you are happy – it shows on your face. The glow on the face which comes naturally on the happy soul cannot match any beauty product.


So are you the happy Soul?? 😉

Tag friends you identify with these characteristics of happy soul and share post if you want to spread happiness.



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