This Guy Earned ₹51 for His Viral Joke and You Won’t Believe How!

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Lol, getting paid for your joke in itself is a joke! Well, we agree that Content Creation in itself is a huge task(you need a lot of creative ideas brimming on your mind, ofc) Mind you, there’s nothing worse than someone extracting your content and publishing it as their own.

Such a thing happened when Himanshu Khodke published a joke on Twitter when went viral. It was CRAAAAZY!

Haha! This was funny indeed.

In no time, the joke went viral all over the Internet and while some people gave him the credits, many didn’t. (what else do you expect, we are Indians after all!)

And, Himanshu came across a post with the same joke on facebook. He asked the user to take it down and started to argue over the copyright. What happened later is totally insane! Read the comments below to know more.

And, woila! He earned ₹51 just like that.

Still don’t believe it, huh?

Well, maybe this opens up a new business opportunity for us? (just kidding, maybe not!)




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