My guilt on my girl friend’s death – Fate or Fault

My guilt on my girl friend’s death – Fate or Fault


It was a perfect day. 8th Aug 2014, my birthday and everything was planned so perfectly by my girlfriend. She was always more excited on my birthday than I was.


We were in a relationship for almost five years and this day I decided to propose her for marriage. I picked her up, from her hostel around 10 A.M. and she was perfectly dressed in my favourite blue.


We went for a bike ride, she was holding me tight, as the day passed we were in the perfect moments of love. I was pleasantly happy with her and knew she was the one for me. While having dinner I proposed her with her favorite song “Hero – by Enrique” being played by the guitarist at the hotel. I asked “ Will you marry me?”


She was happy. Her face was glowing, she immediately said yes and hugged me. I can’t forget her face. She was amused, tears were rolling out of her eyes, and her smile was out of this world. I wanted the moment to stop and I just wanted to keep staring at her happy face.


It was 9:30 PM, we were on our way back, as I had to meet my other friends by 10 PM, my day was coming to an end. She was still smiling, I had to drop her at hostel, I had to take a U turn to drop her on the other side of the road. However, I asked her whether she can get down and cross the road as I was getting late to meet my other friends.


She said- “ So your friends are more important than me? you can’t spend more five minutes?” she said sarcastically and then giggled.


I said “ Please this would be my last bachelor birthday, we would be married in couple of months, it’s just a matter of five minutes” I teased her.


“Alright, I will go. Once again happy birthday honey” she said and gave a hug.


I was waiting for her to cross the road, and suddenly when she was crossing the road, a bus came and hit her. She was bleeding. She died in front of me. The crowd gathered. My feet trembled. I was unable to walk towards the death body of my only love in life. All my efforts to save her went in vain.


It was terrible. Days turned into months and months into years. But I cannot forget that night. How can I be so stupid to not let her drop safe? why did I take that decision to just stop by and meet other friends? Had I dropped her safe, she would have been still alive.


It’s been two years now, I don’t celebrate my birthday now nor do I look for any other partner in life. I just wish that I could go back in time and save my love. My life is full of guilt and I cannot forgive myself for what has happened.


In the end I feel only I am responsible for my girl friend’s death! Her parents should forgive me some day, I wish I could forgive myself too!


Note: It’s a true life incident. Names have not been revealed to protect privacy.



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