A Girl Failed Her Math Test and Guess How Her Mom Responded?!

I haven’t really failed an examination,(*touchwood*) so don’t really know how it feels(ofc, I’m the kind of person who would rather cry for not making it to the top list). Well, in spite of all that I’ve received scoldings from the ‘conventional‘ minded Indian people(my relatives ofc, mind you they have a knack for this) regarding my academics.

So, guess how someone would react if I failed(uh, no WiFi facility would be a rather mild punishment, so you can probably think of something big)?!

Let’s now take the curious case of this girl, Hannah.

Wondering what the response might be?! Let’s see.

So heart warming. Isn’t it?

Let’s look how Twitter reacted to this.

1. Someone like this seems to be pretentious! Haha.

2. Every Indian Mom ever.

3.  Holds true for the rest of us.

Perhaps, we all need to take a note from this Supermom!

What do you guys think?

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