Friendship Day- 5 Amazing things to do for your friends!

Friendship Day- 5 Amazing things to do for your friends!


We cannot imagine a life without friends. Friends are the people who makes our life wonderful and having a special day to celebrate friendship we should definitely use it to the core.


  1. Friendship Letter: Yes we all have heard about love letters but have you ever written a friendship letter to your friend? Try now and make them feel more important with this personal letter they are going to cherish for life.
  2. Personalized Frames: What more can a friend ask for if you get the best moments captured together on a photo frame, there are many kinds and types available in the market make it special with a personalised note for your friend.
  3. Greeting card: Yes friendship day all began with gifting cards to each other but how about making it yourself for your friend and let them know you did all the field work just for them.
  4. Buy same t-shirts: Buy same t-shirt for each other with the best friend forever quote and then enjoy the attention of your loved ones while the world will envy about your friendship.
  5. Friendship band/bracelet/ring: Gone are the times when you used to buy a band for your friend made popular by the film “Kuch kuch hota hai”, try gifting a friendship bracelet or ring which can be used as an accessory later.

Well, what are you waiting for? try these things now and make your friendship day more special and don’t forget posting your pics with your friends on this special occasion. Let 7th Aug 2016 be the best day of the year for you all!



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  1. Wow, nice and creative gifting ideas. These are bit tricky but will be loved by your friends. By gifting something special to your friend will be going to create a great and unforgettable memory.

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