Fear No More!

Fear no more!

Have you ever been in a situation where you are so afraid that you cannot take a step forward and feared that things might go wrong?

Read this poetic brew and it will let you conquer your fear


You have been thinking lately to move,

The new city,  new friends and new mountains with dew,

Yet you were afraid to take a call,

What if you fly and your wings fall,

let the lion inside you roar,

oh my dear friend fear no more


Without huddles nobody receives success,

You need to keep working without stress,

Be not afraid to love again and live again,

There is no gain without a little pain,

Let the inside of you move away from withered and torn,

Oh my friend fear no more


You made mistakes in the past,

but there are things which will not last

understand your feelings are important to you,

only you are responsible for your own rescue,

let there be sunshine on the smile you wore,

Oh my friend fear no more


So what if you are still in chaos with hopes,

You will make it big with unlimited scope,

Believe in the dreams and have courage,

you have to keep going with continuous rage

the journey of life is both sweet and soar,

oh my friend fear no more!

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