Falaknuma Palace- Royal Place for Royal Treat!

Falaknuma Palace- Royal Place for royal Treat!

Falaknuma means “Like the sky” or “Mirror of the sky”. Falaknuma is a place in Hyderabad and is a royal palace. Anyone who visits Hyderabad must visit this palace to experience the royal treatment.


History: Falaknuma : It belonged to Paigah State of Hyderabad, and it was later owned by the Nizam of Hyderabd. It was built Nawab Vikar-Ur Umla prime minister of Hyderabad and the uncle and brother-in-law of the Nizam VI, Nawab Mir Mahboob Ali Khan Bahadur.


Design: The palace was built in the shape of a scorpion with two stings spread out as wings in the north. The middle part is occupied by the main building and the kitchen, Gol Bangla, Zenana Mehal, and harem quarters stretch to the south. The Nawab was an avid traveller, and his influences show in the architecture.

The Falaknuma palace is a rare blend of Italian and Tudor architecture. Its stained glass windows throw a spectrum of colour into the rooms.


The Palace: One of the highlights of the palace is the state reception room, where the ceiling is decorated with frescoes and gilded reliefs. The ballroom contains a two-ton manually operated organ said to be the only one of its kind in the world.

The Dining Hall: The famed dining hall can seat 100 guests at its table.


DeTour: The moment you step inside Taj Falaknuma you will be escorted with the Taj staff to reach inside the hotel. While you go towards the hotel you see splendid garden full of peacocks and the feeling of a king and queen continues. After that you can visit the museum where you see the belongings of the great Nizam.

You will be accompanied by the guide who will help you understand the history behind the Falaknuma Palace. There is a hall wherein you have painting on the ceiling which reflects the 3D form in the historic times.


Booking: The booking for Taj Falaknuma can be placed two days before the visit on call for dinner.

You can enjoy the view of the sky and admire the beauty of the palace while dining and if you are ready to shell out more money you can book for stay and cherish this memory for life.



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