How my ex took revenge by doing this!!

How my ex took revenge by doing this!!

Note : This is a real story with names changed


What’s her name?“, I asked shockingly.

Ruhi Tiwari“, my brother Rahul said.

Millions of memories flashed back. I can’t believe this is happening to me. She is the same girl I was in love with three years ago. I proposed her and we were together for a year, the romantic drives, those passionate kisses, love letters, greeting cards what not. But I left her as she was asking for commitment and I was very young, just 21 to commit anything, moreover I had an elder brother who was to be settled first.

We broke up with each other and I fell for another girl. Soon she was a memory for me. She tried contacting me, but I hardly responded because I never wanted to give false hopes to her.

The same girl, approached my elder brother and now they are so serious that they want to get married? How the hell this happened.

Are you sure you want to get married to Ruhi?, I hope you know that we had an affair“, I wanted to make him realise what he is doing is not acceptable.

I know, you guys were dating. This girl has given me so much strength that this new business set up, quitting of alcohol and getting over depression, all these things happened because of her. I love her. Do you have a problem if I get married to her?“, my brother asked.

Certainly his life changed he became a better person, but how can I see my ex everyday after their marriage with my brother. I can never see her as my sister-in-law. This is god damn difficult.

“No, I don’t have a problem”, I said and left the room.

How can she do this? why does she wants to take a revenge with me by marrying my brother and staying in the same house as I do? As awkward as this is for me, I am sure it would be the same for her. This is pure revenge.

I have decided to leave the house, I love my parents they don’t know anything about Ruhi and me. I don’t want to create any other impression about their to-be daughter-in-law.

Marriage of my brother and my ex is scheduled. All are happy, and here I am thinking about the perfect revenge she took by making my brother fall for her.



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