Everything You Need To Know About 5G Network

Imagine that you get facilitated with a network that transmits data upto 20 times faster than the ususal 4G speed on your phone. You would certainly ask how that is possible. Well, with high speed 5G network it is!

As a matter of fact some Asian countries including China, South Korea and Japan have already to develop and test 5G technologies. The point to be noted is that these countries have already developed a high level of 4G adoption and started to gain support from the government for bringing 5G network into reality.

A post by Hong Kong-based South China Morning suggested:

The 5G technologies which are being tested include a massive multiple-antenna system which is capable of handling more number of users and an increased capacity to support greater degree of mobile data usage.

Notable Features:

1. Users will not get the benefit of improved and faster network speed which is upto 20 times faster than the current network speed. This makes it easier for you to download high resolution movies in a matter of few seconds.


2. The users of 5G Network won’t be facing any sort of difficulty in connecting to their service provider in largely populated places as compared to other networks.


multiuser3. Latency is defined as the amount of time taken for a packet of data to be transferred from one point to another. In 5G Network, the latency rate will be lesser than a period of 10 milliseconds.


4. 5G Network is also going to support advanced applications like autonomous driving with accuracy and precision.


5. The advertization of the 5G network on a massive scale is going to be commenced from 2020. However, South Korea is aiming to introduce 5G Network service from Winter Olympics in 2020


China, which is known to have the largest marketplace in the world in terms of telecommunication has started to conduct trails for 5G network in more than 100 ciities. It is in a race to lead the cellular network of the upcoming generation.

Moreover, the fifth generation technology has a lot many things to offer. It is going to revolutionize the networking and communication field.



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