‘Every Breath is an Effort’, says Delhiites.

A wide blanket of smog has been observed over the Delhi-NCR region in the last week and it has caused several devastating effects on the Delhiites. The smog has reduced the visibility and has produced a fervid sensation in the eyes.

The smog is also accounted as the prime reason for the degradation of the quality of air. Smog is basically the combined effect of smoke generated by the farmers in the nearby areas of Punjab and Haryana by burning of crops and emissions from the vehicles in the area.


This dense cover of smog has cloaked Delhiites for a week now and it has enormously threatened the quality of air to the worst experienced in the season within a span of 24 hours and has crossed the maximum limit.

Going by the views of the experts, the level of Sulphur dioxide is still in control in Delhi while various other parameters like the volume of toxicants seemed nearly as bad as the well-known London tragedy that led to 4000 deaths.

“Persisting high levels can lead to more premature deaths in Delhi also,” Anumitra Roychowdhury of Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) told PTI.


The visitors and residents of Delhi are having a hard time trying to cope up with the severe level of toxication in the air. All this has led the authorities to declare an “emergency situation” in the city.

The localities seemed quite helpless and they expressed their concern over this toxic smog on Twitter highlighting the health concern of their families. Some said that they haven’t observed any sunrise during the past week due to the haziness in the sky.

Pollution leves in the capital New Delhi rose alarmingly on wednesday. Express Photo by Tashi Tobgyal New Delhi 021116

The toxic haze hanging over the city contains concentrations of harmful particles that are so high they cannot be measured by most air quality instruments.

Using the hashtags #DelhiSmog and #DelhiChokes, residents and tourists posted about their experiences of the pollution on Twitter.

The toxication that contaminates the city contains harmful particles which are so high in concentration that they even cannot be measured by quality instruments.

You too can join your hands and pray for Delhi by using the hashtag #DelhiChokes and #DelhiSmog and tell us about your views on the same.



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