Did you ever drunk texted/called someone?

Did you ever drunk texted/called someone?


Yes this would have happened to almost everyone in who either drink or have friends who drunk text/call them. While it is believed that when someone drunk text/call you what they say is quite true, however it may turn out really funny once the person knows what they texted/said to you.


Seven funny texts/calls when you are drunk:


1.“Me: That was the fastest ride ever to home.

Friend: We haven’t even started yet”


2.“Me: I am gonna tell you the truth, I don’t love you anymore.

Mom: It’s okay. I knew that idiot doesn’t deserve you”


3.“Me: My name is Bond!! James Bond.

Police: Can I have your license please you are in remand”


4.“Me: Oh My god! that guy was really freaking looked like that star.

Friend: We went to the museum last night after the pub”


5.“Me: Mom I think I am pregnant.

Mom: Are you drunk?

Me: How do you know?

Mom: Because you are my son and you can’t get pregnant.”


6.“Me: I just won the state lottery!

Friend: Yes and now I am making you a lemonade for that high”


7.“Me: I am all set for saturday! where are we meeting?

Friend: Wake up today is monday”
Share your experience of texting someone when you are drunk or any funny conversation during that time.



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