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Who doesn’t want a tool where you just type a song name and boom you get direct result. Yes This is what has been made by sumit sharma.

We have seen awesome work done by google to find images, text and videos. Even they forgot to do something for song lovers. Yeah I know there is youtube. But You cant really download song from there and put it in you Ipods and music players. Sumit sharma saw the gap here and tried to fill it with his passion for technology.


This is what he has to say about his tool

Its a search engine based on user database which learns from website like google youtube yahoo soundcloud etc where user searches for a song and clicks a link to download it

AI bot uses the database to figure out the most clicked links and learns from it (machine learning).

And directly provides the link to download the song

and I would be probably adding more features and options to it


Some info about his product from his site.

Just type the name of the song and leave the rest to us, our Artificial intelligence bot will search the web through a complex process and will provide you with the link to download the song.

It is recommended that you prevent using derivatives such as mp3, song in the search keyword.

If there are multiple songs with the same name we would recommend the user to input the name of the artist too.

About Them

We at help provide users with direct download link to songs through our complex search system which works on artificial intelligence web servers.

The link we provide arent hosted by us so we arent responsible for any legal copyright notice’s on the content.

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