Why we DON’T need a valentine

Valentine's day

Well, lovebirds. It’s the 14th of February, the day you have been all waiting for. This is the day when you go ahead and give your gifts to that one special person. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? Yeah well to some people!

The world today shall be divided into two – singles and committed people. I was having breakfast in the morning, when I just reminded one of my friends (girl) that it was Valentine’s day. And you know what she did? She shrieked and started calling her boy. Damn, that hurts. I mean how long can we single? We need some action, some love, something! Right? Wrong again.

I do not want this article to be a boring, motivational article but it may seem like so. So what if you do not have a Valentine? Be your own. If you don’t find anyone please don’t get depressed. Remember, you love yourself the most. (Well, maybe after your mother) but that’s not the point. The point is there is nothing bad to be single on Valentine’s day. It isn’t like you have lost a long fought battle, is it?

In my college, if we are single on Valentine’s day; somehow or the other in some way or the other you will be made fun of at least once. Yes, it is jokingly, but why? Remember when you had no one else and just yourself? Remember those times when you just talked to yourself? (We all have those moments). Well the, do not get depressed that you never got a date on Valentine’s day. But the other side of the coin also has a story. Want to listen?

I said the world is divided into two right? Well, there is one more category under the singles who secretly like someone, but do not have the balls to say it. Well, here is to them. Go tell him/her. It is as simple as that. You don’t want to be sitting after 20 years and thinking and regretting as to what would have happened if you had just walked down the oath and asked her out. Don’t be the one who regrets. What can be the worst case scenario? She rejects you right? Well, at least you won’t have any regrets as to what would have happened. And even if she does reject you, just think that she was not the one for you. Be positive. Always.

So this Valentine’s day in the year 2017, let us pledge to remain happy as we are. If you are committed, be with her. Make her happy. Make her smile.

If you are single, be with you. Spend time with yourself. Treat yourself. Make yourself smile.

And if you like her, well then what are you waiting for! Go ahead and ask her out mate. Trust me, that is the ONLY and the BEST option you have.



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