I am on diet! – Five add-ons to the plan.

I am on diet! – Five add-ons to the plan.


Day dreaming of that perfect body type and still left with no clues, google searched all the diet charts but nothing could make up your mind for the same, saw all the videos online for that abs, but left with only body pains.


Here are the five add-ons to your diet plan!


  1. Say no to Non-Veg : Yes we can understand that red meat is tempting and the smell is irresistible, but for ultimate good health avoid non-veg in your platter. According to a survey a person with vegetarian lives longer than the non-vegeterian!An_Ayurvedic_Perspective_on_Dieting_and_Fasting!
  2. Fasting : Yes fasting helps when you are on diet. Look for a day where you want your digestive system to rest. This will help to increase your metabolism and hence it will result in healthier body.fruitandvegjuice
  3. Detox : Detox is a technique to let go off all the impurities from the body. There are various types of detox diets like vegetable detox wherein you eat only vegetables for a week, fruit detox wherein only fruits are on the chart, etc.,. This will help your body to build your immune system.healthfitnessrevolution-com
  4. Cheat sheet : Look forward to two days in a month where you can cheat your diet plan, this will help you to look forward to those days and stick to your diet plan for the rest of the days.192jn
  5. Monitoring Progress: Most important thing is to monitor your own progress. Set small goals like losing that extra kg or working on your abs and monitor any deviations.


Ultimately health is the most important thing for everyone in life. As it is rightly said that Health is wealth!
Disclaimer : People’s body types are different from each other. It is always advisable to consult a dietician to have their own diet chart.



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