Break the Taboo Against “Cuss” Words Like Bra and Panty in Delhi Style!

Call it revolution or mutiny, but the theatre clubs of women’s college have performed a play with a number of ‘cuss words’ like ‘bra’ and ‘panty’.

They performed this play in a theatre competition organised by the Sahitya Kala Parishad. And, guess how did the organisers react to it? They announced that the theatre society has been barred from the competition.

However, later they said that the college will not be disqualified but will only lose points for the usage of a few indecent words. According to the organisers, they have broken rules of decent language.

Neha Sharma, the coordinator of the play said,

“The society has not been disqualified, they will only lose marks because they’ve broken the rules about obscenity.”

She further added,

“Not just words like bra and panty, they’ve used several other cuss words, too.”

Now, their teacher Monami Basu said that this was an uncalled action in her FB post. A women’s group fighting against discrimination supported her.

This is what her post read:

They argued,

“We left bras hanging on the wall to protest against the unnecessary embarrassment attached to women’s undergarments.”

After all, they had an innovative idea to protest. And not only were that, the other drama explicitly dehumanising castes and professions.

In my opinion, this is liberal and unconventional. What do you guys think?



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