Delhi Restaurateur Starts Food Service That Distributes Fresh Meals to the Poor

Usually we find the poor and the less privileged section of our society manages something to eat which happen to be leftovers and can cause food poisoning. However, they find it better to eat the stale food rather than starve and die.

But one Delhite who aims to revolutionize this pattern has started a service known as Rasoi On Wheels. Athul Kapoor who started this service also runs a restaurant in Connaught Place. He says that he was stimulated by the local people to come up with a liberal catering service which can deliver fresh food to the less privileged.


Rasoi on Wheels allows people to engage into their services related to food delivery with little or no profit in return. This righteous initiative that was started in March this year has facilitated the distribution of at least 300 packets of food to several places including temples, slum areas and construction sites.

Not only this, Rasoi On Wheels have also cooperated with a lot of schools for the less privileged children in Gurgaon and Delhi to fetch food to slum neighborhoods everyday.

The menu includes food items like kadhi chawal, rajma chawal, chhole, roti, chowmein and sandwiches.


Rasoi On Wheels is principally a catering service of sorts, but people generally hire their services for liberal purpose.

Kapoor says, “In a conservative set up, you get theĀ halwai, a person to clean and a person to distribute. All of it tends to get quite messy. So, we decided to set this up. We wished to provide the same services but also craved it to be nutritious, hygienic and didn’t want to serve up leftovers.”

To avoid clutter and make the implementation more convenient and hygienic, the foodstuff is served in meal boxes.

Kapoor sees himself as linking the less privileged and hungry to folks among the more fortunate who would like to help. So, we are just trying to act as a bridge between the needy and the ones who are prosperous.








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