What Deepika’s Father Said About His Daugther Being Called as ‘Marriage Material’ by Ranveer

So, we all know that Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have been together for the past years. The couple started dating each other during the shooting of Ram Leela and have been always there for each other.

In the latest episode of Koffee with Karan, Deepika was referred as ‘marriage material’. Wait, what?! That did not sound really good to my ears. So, how did it happen? KJo asked Ranveer a question in which he was asked to pick up a choice each for the following three categories:

  1. Kill
  2. Marry
  3. Hook up

So, our Ramleela star said that he would like to hook-up with Katrina Kaif(after making an apology to his ex Ranbir Kapoor), kill Anushka Sharma and would love to marry Deepika Padukone. And, why? Simply because she is marriage material.


So, the news is that Deepika’s dad has come to know about it. And, he has finally broken his silence and reacted to it. In an interview with a Mid-Day report, he was asked his views about the comment. To which,┬áhe said:

“They are adults and know what they are doing. As a father, I have given Deepika the freedom to take her own decisions. Even in this case, she is free to decide whatever she wants to do.”
Padukone and Singh have been seen each other for a while now and routinely go for vacations together. While Singh has spoken about his fondness for her, Padukone remains low-key about the supposed relationship, often playing it down in front of the press.
However, the cat was pretty much out of the bag when Ranbir said on the show that he hopes that Ranveer-Deepika ‘see it through’ and make some ‘awesome babies together.’



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