Dear Zindagi: Review

So, I happened to watch Dear Zindagi yesterday and here I have come up with the review for you guys! Dear Zindagi, from the way it looked and felt came across a soul-searching kind of film.


Let us begin with the plot. Kiara aka Koko is a budding cinematographer whose life is stuck in a trench. Her love life is a complete mess, her dream job is beyond her reach and she does seem to fit along with the parents so well. To sum it up all, Kiara is a socially unconventional person in her approach to life. In many ways, I could easily relate myself with our female protagonist.



Kiara shares the same problem as many of us might have. She is actually a big sorry mess, and behind all that glam lives a scared girl who is dealing with trauma and her childhood fear of losing people from her life. Kiara is like any of us right after a break-up. She has a set of amazing friends yet she is not able to cope up with the internal turmoil that she is going through. After all this, our lead lady seems to be stuck and unable to sleep for weeks.


The Twist

It’s then her life takes a turn. She snoops on an address given by Dr. Jehangir khan aka Jug(our very own SRK) at a mental health awareness gathering. And right then, SRK takes over all of us by his acting. To figure out why she is the way she is, Alia reaches the doorsteps of SRK a DD(dimaag ka doctor) and seek some ‘therapy’. It is on his couch that she is able to voice her fears. The film passes on an extremely important message about Mental Awareness. Such issues shouldn’t be treated indifferently from health issues. Mental health is equally important and trust me, SRK’s performance will tempt you to seek out a therapist.



Shah Rukh brings on screen his matchless charm by his simple yet profound words. There are many one-liners in the film which is sure to captivate your mind. Khan knows when to step back and let Alia take the lead. After watching his performance, you would obviously want more of Jug’s wit and ability to listen.

Okay, so Dear Zindagi scores a few pixie points on the emotion front. However, the film lacks execution and the story-telling seems to go monotonous and stops working after a point. Dear Zindagi goes slow and dull at times. The light-hearted dialogues and scenes are the only high points of the film. But they too stop working after a point and nearly after 2 hours Dear Zindagi feels too stretched. The film took off at the ending with the inspiration to face one’s own anxieties.


Synopsis and Critical View

The supporting cast comprising of Kunal Kapoor, Ali Zafar, Angad Bedi and a few others did their job well. Some of the parts of the film will make you chuckle, some of it makes you cry. Overall it was a good experience but frankly, some part of the film will make you go restless wanting you to go out of theaters.

Tears, silly fears, and frailties all part of the life process. So brave it, we must. This pretty much sums up the life lesson writer-director Gauri Shinde’s second directorial film imparts.

I would rate this movie 3 out of 5 stars. So, go on enjoy the film with your closed ones! 🙂



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