‘My Dear Lady, Who Are You and Why Are You Lying?’ Says Hrithik to His Rumored Friend

Uh, okay. So where do we begin from? Let’s just say that Hirthik has become a source of wrangle these days. First Kangana, and following her quest here comes Angela.

I presume that all of you would have probably have heard of the Spanish model turned actress, Angela. She has done some 50 commercials and also featured in a Tollywood film.

She took over the entire film industry by surprise when she claimed that she shares an equation of friendship with Hrithik Roshan.

And who wouldn’t believe so after reading her caption?!

But, this is all false!

Everything she claimed in her previous interview is a lie. A trap.

She said that Roshan had given her a few tips on acting in their very first meeting. She also claimed that in their second meeting last year, during the shoot of an advertisement, Roshan remembered all the conversations they had and assured her that the decision of signing a Tollywood film would help her in her career. 

But, turns out that Hrithik doesn’t seem to agree to any of these. He took it to twitter and posted:


This surely does seem a bad move, Angela.

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