The DC VS Marvel fight

DC VS Marvel


Since time unknown (actually as a matter of fact known), there has been a huge conflict between the fans of DC comics and Marvel comics. There are again some noobs (yes noobs) who just go to the theatre and see the fight there and come back. And then start saying how awesome these people are. Oh, grow up will you? You have not yet touched a comic yet and you call yourself a fan. Do you know how many important things are left out in movies? And how many scenes and characters are changed? If you haven’t read the comics; don’t call yourself a fan please. Let’s see what the DC and Marvel Universe have in store for us. Before I begin with that, long story short if to be told: DC shows people a very dark and shady part of the story. Whereas Marvel on the other hand shows people a very sunny and bright side of the comics.

The DC world


The Dark Knight. We all know who he is. And for the noobs out there; yes Batman is from the DC Universe. I have seen so many people say otherwise, I can’t even count. Once a boy came after watching the Dark Knight rises and said “Damn those Marvel people do write some good stuff eh?” I stared at him for half a minute and then told him where he was wrong. He said “Yeah well what is the difference between Marvel and DC eh? Both write superhero stuff.”

I loath that boy till date.

Anyways, yes coming to the DC world. Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, Flash all belong to the DC Universe. We have seen Man of Steel. You know how dark a movie that was. Yes that is why I said DC makes some dark movies, making some scenes come alive in dreams sometimes.

The Marvel Universe


The Avengers are from Marvel. Yes. Now you see why I tell there is a bright side to it? Do we have someone who jokes like Tony Stark does? No. Do we have someone who can crack puns like Spiderman does? No. Hence as I said again, Marvel has a edge of sunny and bright and happy things when compared to the DC comics.

There are people like Captain Marvel and Black Widow in the Marvel Universe. People who love the DC comics can never dream having someone like Captain DC. That just sounds wrong! Moreover in Marvel comics the powers the heroes get are usually by technical stuff or scientific. Most of the DC heroes however are born with their superpowers.

At the end of the day both are just awesome. They have given us a lifetime of enjoyment and continue doing so. Imagine movies without The Wolverine. *gasps and inhales*


But even after this I have just one thing to say: Goku beats them all any day. Peace out.




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