A Couple in Mumbai Abashed for HUGGING Each Other in Public, Forced to Leave the City!

India is a truly incredible country, here you can piss in public, no offense to that. But, kiss? Forget rape, it is the biggest crime you can ever commit. Now, when it comes down to hugging, it is also strictly a big NO-NO!

How can one be so ashamed to forget his so called ‘saanskars’ inculcated by the pujya Indian parents and even try to hug each other in public? In a country where a baby is born in every half a minute, talking about sex is a SHAMEFUL thing too.

Sarcasm? Yes!

You see this guy in the picture? He never knew that HUGGING his beloved in public can lead him into serious crisis.

In a country grounded by saanskar expressing your love openly is just NOT ACCEPTABLE, it’s high time you realize this(because we have a sick mentality, honestly.)

You know we are ready to pay extra bucks from our pocket to watch movies with love-making scenes(because let’s just admit, we all fantasize this but never admit!) but we can not accept it socially.

I wonder how such movies are not banned by the Censor Board before reaching the eyes of public, because ugh! How can you even think of promoting such a CHEAP THING?!

Now, let’s come back to our story, shall we?

This video went VIRAL all over the internet, and the couple were SLAMMED for such an act.

Can you think what must be going on the mind of the girl(because we are best at judging them!)? You won’t believe what her father said,

We are upset. My daughter has threatened to commit suicide if the harassment does not stop. It’s unethical of some people to react in this way over a silly mistake.

DISGUSTING! What else can I say? #BeingIndian

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