Collateral Beauty – A Must Watch!

So, it’s festive mood again. December is here! It is the time to make your wishes come true and give wings to your dreams. Christmas and New Year are on its way. The atmosphere has turned fun and frolic.

And, I am sure everyone is ready to hit the theatres during their happy holidays to make the last few days of 2016 memorable. So, while everyone is going for Befikre or Moana,  you are missing out on a great film of this year and I am talking about The Collateral Beauty.

It is a thought-provoking film which is sure to change the way you see 3 important things in Life which are Love, Time and Death.

Check out its trailer here!

Okay, so now let’s talk about the plot of the movie.

Has it ever happened to you that you felt that your world has suddenly been devastated?

The course of a single action or incident changes you forever.

It empties you.

Darkness hovers your mind.

And, memories of the past haunts you.

Yes, a similar incident happened with our protagonist, Howard (Will Smith) after the loss of his child.

His world suddenly changed.

He was hit by depression and became a monotonous figure who has forgotten how to live.


While such a setup might cause one to think that the film will be dark and heavy, Collateral Beauty is anything but.

So, what happens next?

As the story moves forward, you might have seen in the trailer that our protagonist writes letters, not to people, but things. And those three things are Love, Time and Death.

And if that is not all, he is in fact visited in human form by these three things  i.e. Death (Mirren), Time (Latimore), and Love (Knightley).

Strange, isn’t it?

At the same time, the plot is completely fascinating too!

Don’t believe me? Watch out the second trailer.

You know, if a single incident can break you.

A single incident can also make you.

And, what’s the better way to fix your mind than taking a long break?

Yes, I am talking about the miracle of holidays.

It really does help to make a difference. Don’t agree with me?

Find out on December 16th in cinemas near you.



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